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Tec-Guard Defend

Tec-Guard Defend offers a full selection of Hydraulic Oils, Gear oils and more to keep your industrial equipment running and reducing factory downtime. These lubricants are designed to reduce rust, work is extreme temperatures, and meet your industry specifications.
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Tec-Guard Armor

TEC-GUARD ARMOR engine oil is designed to provide maximum protection for passenger cards, light trucks and sport utility vehicles operating at extreme temperatures or under severe driving conditions. TEC-GUARD ARMOR will keep your car on the road mile after mile.
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Tec-Guard Extreme

TEC-GUARD EXTREME has a full line of lubricants that keep the big work going, both on the worksite and around the world. Whether you are steering a rig, pouring concrete or cultivating crops, these products have the power to make a difference in your operation’s bottom line. Tec-Guard is a Heavy Duty Synthetic Blend motor…
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